The aim of the Cleaner Slate business is to help our ex-service personnel settle back into civilian life by giving them the opportunity to run and develop their own business. The pilot scheme will be run in the Dalkeith area by the GMAC MAINTENANCE. When completed they will be the Training Providers for all future Franchises. They will also be engaged in the Training for Work, Work Experience and Work Placement Programs funded by the DWP through the Training Organisations contracted to them within the area to help get their clients trained and ready for work. This will help build up their self-esteem, confidence and motivation to learn new skills which will help them get back into a working environment.

This is a franchise company that can be easily set up and with some backing from others we can help these people start-up and run a business which has a lot of positive elements to it. It will help the community by refreshing what people see when they are walking around the towns and wondering “where does the garden grow.” To the potential customer it will reduce roofing repairs which can be costly but most importantly it will help these people settle back into civilian life, raise their self-esteem, confidence and motivation knowing that they have the backup needed to help move forward.

It is hoped that when they have established their business that they will be able to offer work placements and work experience to others within their community who feel disadvantaged to help them learn and develop new skills to move forward and back into work.