The Cleaner Slates Business Franchise can be easily set up. The business package is also designed to help the community in a number of ways. It offers a service that will:


        enhance the appearance of properties in the local community;

        reduce the need for costly roofing repairs;

        provide an opportunity for ex-service person to be actively involved with their local community

        provide local employment opportunities


Programme is a complete and comprehensive business package.  The programme is designed to give you the necessary skills and knowledge to start-up and develop your own business. There are 6 key stages within the programme which are designed to help you address each aspect of the Cleaner Slate business and how to develop it. Each stage is designed to provide you with the skills, knowledge, and understanding of very specific business areas that will ensure that you and your business are successful. All training will be carried out with the Cleaner Slates Training team based in the Lothian and Borders