Stage 1: Cleaner Slates – the practical aspects of the work

This is a 7 day supervised training programme, led by TEREC who will take you through the ‘hands on’ aspects of the work developing your skills and knowledge of the business. (All accommodation and meals are included)  

Stage 2: Cleaner Slates – Working Regulations 

This is a 3 day training programme, lead by a Programme Trainer who will help you understand the regulatory requirements of the Cleaner Slates business. It will cover, and provide certification in First Aid, Health & Safety/Risk Assessment Procedure, Roof Inspection, Environmental, Scaffolding and Cherry Picker.

All practical training will be done through (being updated) who will be solely responsible for all Cleaner Slates Projects and certification needed to help the Franchisee build a strong platform for business growth.

Stage 3: Cleaner Slates – Creating a Business Plan

The programme will provide you with a fully formulated and comprehensive Business Plan that will include with Aims and Objectives, Market Research, Marketing, Product/Service description/delivery, Start-up costs, Cash Flow Forecasts. This will provide you with the framework for our business over the next year, and will help you in approaching and applying to organisations for loan/business development funding, such as Small Business Loans through Banks, Local Authorities and/or Veteran organisations such as Poppy Scotland or Royal British Legion.

Stage 4: Cleaner Slates Business Support – Useful Organisations  

At this stage the Trainer will take you through and provide you with information on a range of organisations that will help support your business.

  • Membership with FSB: The Federation of Small Business provides a range ofsupport and guidance to help your business grow, and membership is part of the franchise agreement.

  • Business Gateway – your local Business Gateway can provide a wide range of services that can help with business development in your local area.

  • Department of Work and Pensions (DWP): information on employer incentives and support in the recruitment of employees through their ‘Back to Work Programmes’  All staff will be recruited through the DWP contracted Training Programme to help the long term unemployed, people with a disability (mental or physical) or those under the Not in Education, Training or Work (NEET). In doing this each Franchise will help to build a better working community spirit which in turn will have a very positive impact on their business and their local economy.

The programme will supply 3 roof debris safety guards which TEREC hold the Copyright for and Patents are pending.

Stage 5: Cleaner Slates Marketing – Promoting and selling your services

This session outlines the marketing and sales support available in each of the franchise areas and how this can help build up a customer base and also the session will help by giving ideas and suggestions on how to promote the business, such as pricing and loyalty bonuses etc.

Stage 6: Cleaner Slates Franchise Terms and Agreement 

This session provides you with the opportunity to discuss the Franchise terms and agreement with our legal advisors. 

We envisage that each franchise will cover an area of approximately 20,000 commercial and residential properties which will give, at a minimum a 20 year work programme, and minimum £125,000.00 gross turnover per year. Each Business Franchise will be aware of other local Cleaner Slates Franchises to ensure that network is created and each is aware of the area and work boundaries.The legal contracts will be dealt with Ian McDougall & Co. who will be responsible for employment and contract law details for each Franchisee.