TEREC - Training & Educational Requirements for Employment Choices 

Cleaner Slates is a new business start-up programme designed, initiated and developed by TEREC to provide hands on practical business support, advice and training that will help our ex-service people create a prosperous and sustainable business.

The Cleaner Slates Business Franchise Programme is unique. The programme provides a ‘comprehensive business package’ that not only gives ex-service people the required skills, knowledge and understanding of the business, service delivery, product knowledge, business planning, management and marketing, but also the back-up and support that will enable them develop and expand their business.

The Cleaner Slates will be run in partnership with TEREC and the Mark Wright Project to help our injured ex-service personnel back into civilian life by giving them a business that will grow and expand at a rate that they are comfortable with. It will help them develop the skills needed to work within their local communities.

The Cleaner Slates will be run through a franchise agreement detailed on the Franchising the Cleaner Slates.